atyp is a studio working at the convergence of design, moving image & technology.
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  • We have been playing around with some generative software, for a music packaging project we have been working on. A particle system has been created and rendered in a graphic way to generate unique digipack covers for each release. Heres a few tests for now, more to follow soon.

  • XxDr Hello again, here’s an update on the R&D project that has been running in the studio over the turn of the year.┬áI talked about the ideas behind it in an earlier post which you can read here. The film has made steady progress over the last 2 months and is on its way to […]

  • We are continually exploring R&D work in the studio and beyond. It is something that uncovers new processes, relationships and techniques that expand and shape our working practice, and this often transfers┬áinto our commercial work. The aim is to run R&D projects as platforms of discovery, affording the people involved room to pursue personal creative […]